From our concert hall to your home! 

Palais Montcalm now presents webcasted shows. Our concert hall is now fully equipped for shooting and broadcasting live events.

Please make sure to read the following Question & Answers (Q&A) section and to locate your passcode on your e-ticket (PDF file sent by email during the purchase process).

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For help

418 641-6040
1 877 641-6040

Box-office schedule (in French)

Tips for an optimal experience

From the moment of the purchase:

  • Read this Q&A section to find out how our platform works;
  • Make sure you locate your unique passcode displayed on your e-ticket (PDF file attached to the box-office confirmation email);
  • Don’t hesitate to ask a relative or a friend for help setting up your devices;
  • Use this test link to experience real webcasting conditions in our virtual concert hall.

The night of the show, please call the box-office (1 877 641-6040) if you experience any problem with your passcode or if a message on the platform asks you to contact us.

Common knowledge

You buy a unique passcode (also called access code) to watch a live webcast of the concert (or a replay if available).

The passcode is assigned to you personally and is valid for one household only.

To watch the concert from two different places (eg: you want to offer a ticket as a gift), you will need to buy two separate passcodes.

Live webcast

When a webcast is streamed live, it means that the video will start at the scheduled time (Quebec City time, Canada). It is impossible to pause or rewind the concert. It’s like attending a performance at the venue.

Replay (on demand)

When the video is offered on demand, your passcode will allow you to watch the show at the time of your choice. Access conditions (dates and times) will be clearly specified on the web page of the show.

Yes. By browsing the calendar of our activities (French), it is possible to buy a passcode until the very last moment.

Warning: Sometimes, the possibility to purchase tickets may end at the time of the live broadcast, even if a replay is available. This will be indicated on the web page of the show.

The night of the live webcast

A URL link is provided on your e-ticket. This link will generally be

Another way to find the URL link is to visit the concert Web page on our calendar

Your unique passcode is provided on the e-ticket you will recieve by e-mail after your purchase. You will be asked to type it at the opening of the virtual concert hall.

You can’t find your passcode? Minutes after your purchase, make sure that:

  • The email containing your access code did not end up in your junk mail.  
  • The email address you gave us is accurate. 

You still can’t find your passcode? Contact the Palais Montcalm box-office.
418 641-6040 (toll free: 1 877 641-6040)

The virtual concert hall opens at the indicated time. The night of a live webcast, the virtual concert hall opens generally 30 minutes before the performance.

You won’t be able to enter your passcode before the opening of the virtual concert hall, although you can access the webcast page.

Palais Montcalm generally uses Vimeo technology to present its webcasts. Find out the system requirements to use their video player.

  • Mobile device or tablet: Access the webcast link using your favorite browser. 
  • Laptop or desktop: Access the webcast link using your favorite browser. 
  • TV (HDMI cable): First make sure your computer is properly connected to your TV, then access the webcast link using your favorite browser.
  • Smart TV: Access the webcast link using the browser built into your TV. 
  • Chromecast: In the top right corner of your Chrome browser (on your computer), click the 3 dots and select the « Cast… » option. Make sure your computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast device. Google Help Center
  • Other platforms: Access the webcast link using the browser built into your system. 

Yes. To avoid any problems during the live webcast, make sure you have reliable and fast internet access. 

Also avoid overloading your bandwidth by shutting down connected apps on your various devices (audio or video streaming, VPN networks, downloads, etc.). 

Use a website like to troubleshoot your internet connection.

If a problem with your device forces you to sign in again, you will be able to use the same link and passcode. Our platform will detect that it is still you and the risk of blocking will remain low.

If your passcode is blocked before a performance, contact the Palais Montcalm box-office.
418 641-6040 (toll free: 1877 641-6040)

If your passcode doesn’t work while entering the virtual concert hall, please make sure:

  • You haven’t shared your passcode with others; 
  • You didn’t make any error when typing your code (try copying and pasting the passcode directly from the PDF e-ticket); 
  • The virtual concert hall is actually open (it opens 30 minutes before a live performance).

It still doesn’t work? Contact the Palais Montcalm box-office immediately. 
418 641-6040 (toll free: 1 877 641-6040)


Palais Montcalm streams a high definition picture. When you start the streaming, the player takes up to 30 seconds to adjust to your device and show the highest quality picture.

If full picture quality is late in arriving, in the lower right corner of the player, click the icon showing a cogwheel (gear) and force broadcast in HD quality (1080p) rather than keeping the automatic mode.

If, on the contrary, high definition is causing your entry-level or older device to slow down, try setting a lower resolution like 720p or 540p.

The Palais Montcalm streams a high quality soundtrack. If there is no sound or if the sound level is too low, make sure you have turned up the volume to its maximum level in the lower right corner of the player.

Make sure that the sound level of your device is well adjusted to avoid saturation (audio peak) or a too low volume.

Still impossible to hear the sound of the show properly? Ask for help from a relative or a friend to check the configuration of your device.

Make sure that your high-speed internet connection is free from any interference that could overload it (other active devices, important downloads, VPN networks in operation, etc.). If you experience latency, out of sync, or any other problem with picture and sound, use a service such as to troubleshoot your internet speed.

Make sure your device’s operating system and applications are up to date.

Make sure you have free your device memory by closing any unused apps. Older or entry-level devices may have difficulty supporting video streaming.

If the high definition is causing your device to slow down, try setting a lower definition like 720p or 540p by clicking on the settings in the lower right corner of the video player.

The problem remains? Try restarting your device, use another device, or stop using a casting device like Chromecast or Apple TV.

It could happen that the virtual concert hall does not load or that it is partially displayed, hiding the sign in form to access the show.

If this happens, make sure you disabled any ad blockers and other applications that would prevent the platform from running properly. Then close your browser and try to reconnect.

Here are three possible solutions:

  1. Do you have tickets for several shows? Make sure you are using the right passcode.
  2. Make sure that the link (URL) entered in your browser is the same as the one on your ticket. Occasionally, browsers will save your browsing history and you may see a previously streamed webcast.
  3. Clear your browser’s history and cache, then close it. Open the browser and visit the event page on the calendar. Click on the button leading to the virtual room in the “Webcast Details” section.

If the problem remains, contact the box-office to get a new passcode.
418 641-6040 (toll free: 1 877 641-6040)

Invalid passcode
Code d’accès invalide

  • It could just be a typo. When signing in the virtual concert hall, try copying and pasting the passcode directly from your e-ticket. This message also appears if you enter your access code several days or weeks before the night of the webcast.
  • The platform is case insensitive. It is not necessary to respect the alternation between upper and lower case when entering the passcode.
  • Warning: Make sure to use the passcode available in the PDF file attached to the email received at the time of purchase, and not the transaction confirmation code.

There is a problem with your passcode
Il y a un problème avec votre code d’accès

  • Contact the box-office to get a new one: 418 641-6040 (toll free: 1 877 641-6040).

The requested content is not yet available or has been deleted
Le contenu demandé n’est pas encore disponible ou a été retiré

  • Your passcode is valid, but the webcast is not available yet or has been deleted.
  • Check the availability dates on your e-ticket or on the show’s web page.

Oops! The passcode has reached the authorized usage limit
Oups! Le code d’accès a atteint la limite d’utilisation permise

  • A passcode misuse will cause it to be blocked.
  • Contact the box-office if you believe this is a mistake: 418 641-6040 (toll free: 1 877 641-6040).

ReCAPTCHA validation failed
La validation du reCAPTCHA a échoué

  • A protection system is in place to block brute force attacks that could compromise the stability of the platform. This mechanism, provided by Google, could be activated if you click on the same button or access the page in an abusive manner.
  • To prevent problems, avoid clicking repeatedly the same button and don’t try to log in before the of the virtual concert hall opening time.
  • Sometimes the use of a particular device can cause a blocking (some models of smart TVs, for example). Then try to connect using another device.
  • If you have a persistent problem with the reCAPTCHA, contact the box-office to get a back-up link.